DryaMite® Agricultural

Dryamite Agricultural

DryaMite® is an off white (not brown or grey) freshwater diatomaceous earth. DryaMite® is made from diatomaceous earth, an amorphous silicate which is a completely inert material. Diatomaceous earth is known for its naturally large volume and extreme porosity. These unique characteristics lend the ability to absorb large volumes of liquids acting as a desiccant. DryaMite® keeps bedding dry, improving  the living conditions for poultry. DryaMite® is odour-less, non-staining and remains effective as long as the product is present and dry.

Whilst not a "Food Chemicals Codex Grade" diatomaceous earth, DryaMite® is still a safer alternative than brown or grey "Feed Grade" diatomaceous earths from marine deposits and does not contain potentially unsafe levels of heavy metals or anything which can be classed as potentially dangerous.

  • 100% freshwater diatomaceous earth.
  • 100% natural and inert.
  • Certified for use in organic systems by Organic Farmers and Growers.
  • Optimum safety profile. Does not contain unsafe levels of heavy metals unlike brown or grey "feed grade" diatomaceous earths.

For more information please read our DryaMite® promotional leaflet.